Playing around with Drummer for a personal blog
I've mostly been wearing Atoms masks for the past year or so, but I just got these Mack Weldon ones in the mail yesterday and it's like they were made for my face shape. I've never had a mask fit this well.#
One of the highlights of the year for me as a kid was when the giant JCPenny catalog would arrive around this time of year. I spent hours flipping through that catalog to see what cool new toys were out in the world. We just got a Target "toys" flyer in the mail today. It's way smaller, maybe 20 pages, but instead of throwing it away immediately I gave it to my 2 kids to look through. They loved it, went through it 3 times in a row and of course wanted nearly every toy there was. :-) Something about being able to hold it in your hands seems magical. 🎯#

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